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Jhappi means hug. A hug has magical properties and effects on a person. Use this site to tell someone that you care about them. If you get very nice service from someone at a shop, please show her or him that you noticed and appreciated. Give her or him a Jhappi. Likewise, if you get help from a co-worker during your work, a nice service from someone at the airport, bank, hotel, golf course, hospital, pharmacy or other such establishments give them a Jhappi. It will make them feel appreciated, feel good about life and feel like providing the best service or help they can provide to others as well. All you need to get started is to register at this site and start giving your Jhappis. To register, click on the 'Register new user' link in the login window to your right. To give a Jhappi, log-in to site first and you will see a link 'Give a Jhappi' in the user welcome section which appears after you log-in. Signup Now its FREE!

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